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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Perhentian Islands Trip | 3D2N

Assalam and hi guys. Final exam is over and I went to to Pulau Perhentian for a short getaway. Perhentian is well known as one of beautiful islands in Malaysia because of its' crystal clear sea water. That means this island is very recommended if you want to do snorkeling activity as the beautiful corals and sea creatures like turtles and sharks even those beautiful nemos can be seen clearly.

The day right after my last paper, we moved early in the morning from our university by public transport (van) to Kuala Besut Jetty. It took about 45 minutes-1 hour to reach there. After that, the boat dealer (Ain Boat) directly approached us to sign a form and making a payment for the tickets that we already booked earlier. After having some breakfast at the jetty, we ride the boat heading to Perhentian Islands. Yay !

Nasi Dagang for breakfast ! This is my favourite food in Terengganu. You can't get this tasty one at any places besides Terengganu. hehe. It looks simple but the taste is so mwallah !

Left : Ain Boat Service from Kuala Besut Jetty
Right : I need to inform you earlier that you have to pay RM5 tax first before you go to Perhentian Islands. They also need funds for maintenance and all. So please don't be so kedekut okay.

It was really like a bumpy roller-coaster while we were riding this boat to Pulau Perhentian. It was so scary but fun. I couldn't even open my eyes due to the wind. Should've taken out my shades at the first place. haha. Can you see my terrible face there? haha.


This was my snorkeling gang along the trip. we basically went for 6 check points for snorkeling including shark point, turtle point, romantic island, light house, and I can't remember the rest but I didn't join them at one point because of I became so dizzy and I realized I have sea sick.

That was a dizzy face with fading mascara still on. hahaha.


This was at Kampung Nelayan (Fisherman Village) while we were having lunch and don't be shock because of the expensive and extraordinary price for a complete meal. But it is affordable cuz the taste is so good too. 

My favourite trio gang, Ijun and Dibah.


2nd Day : We moved from Coral Bay to the Long Beach where the sea is more prettier than the first one.

We didn't really wear make up because who cares? and Pulau girl doesn't wear make up. Sunburn is a natural beauty. hehhehe. 

chilling with fresh coconut here.

I'm addicted to Mangi Juice here. I always forgot to take a picture of my fav mango juice cuz I always so rushing to taste it. hehe. If you go here, try their mango juice. Cuz it's 100% mango blended. No extra water. It's pure. Omg I miss my mango juice.

We don't really care if people wanna call us black woman. Haha cuz we appreciate people who love us just the way we are even after the sunburn and all. Right.


It took about 25 minutes hiking from the foothill till we reached the peak of the hill. It was a bit tiring cuz I forgot to bring my sports shoes and only wore my crocs along the way. The view was so mesmerizing from the above. I feel like wanna live here forever. As you know, the stairs cannot be used anymore that's why we need to hike from jungle trekking road. This picture was when we were going downstairs from the peak. The upper stairs were still okay.

If you want to see my video or travelogue there, just click play on this video below. Thank You for reading my travelogue ! till we meet again ! (Recommended watch in HD )



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