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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Skincare Routine

Hi guys. I haven't been travelling for quite a long time since my last post but I have something to be shared here. It's about the most common thing related to girls and women. Some of my friends and colleagues ever asked me about what products am I using that makes my skin looks so glowy and good? Even my ex-students suddenly asked me about the skincare brand that I'm using during mathematics class while I actually let them ask about questions regarding mathematics problems. Betuah punya budak. 

So, the first thing first I want to make you clear about it's not the expensive products that could make your skin look good but the way you treat and take care of your skin everyday. I admit that there are many high-end makeup products that can even make a perfect coverage of scars and acnes on your skin but still, who doesn't like natural beauty right? You still want to be free from any make ups especially on certain days you are not in a good mood. I know right, cuz I'm also a girl like you guys. 

Another thing is, you don't need to put makeup that much on your face if you already have a good skin. A slight application of BB cream or light makeup is enough to boost up your look if your bare face is in perfect condition. And of course, before choosing the best products that might work well on your skin, you have to do some study first by reading reviews and facts about the significance of common ingredients on human skin. For example, honey is good for brightening, black sugar is good for exfoliating and many more you would find if you read. So without any further delay, let me share with you what I have been done for my daily skin care. 

What I'll be explaining later is just about skin care, not including the make up products that I use okay. So here's a photo of my skin care tools. 

Okay lemme tell how step by step how I use those bunch of products above.

1. Wipe off Your Makeup (Simple Facial Wipes)

As you know, you have to remove your makeup first before you clean your face with any facial foams or cleanser. Oh by the way, I forgot to insert my facial foam is from The Face Shop (Rice Water Bright). The cleaning part needs to be done properly because it will affect the effectiveness of anything you put on your face afterwards. Your mosturizer or any serum might not work well on the face that has many clogged pores. So you have to remove your mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and your thick foundation before you cleanse your face. Some people use oil remover to remove those thick makeups. Since I just apply light makeup, I use face wipes.

2. Wash Your Face - Cleansing (The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Facial Cleanser)

Of course you have to wash your face at least twice a day, morning and evening/night. If you want to wash more than that you have to know well about your skin type cuz dry skin is not recommended to wash more to avoid over-dryness of your skin. As my skin is combination skin I got really dry skin on the parts other than T-zone, I need to avoid cleanser that has too much acidic contents. As I'm living in a hot country, I always being exposed to sun rays and my skin got burned easily so that's why I'm choosing rice based cleanser cuz it's good for brightening and help me to reduce my melanin back.

3. Exfoliate Your Skin Twice a Week (The Face Shop Jeju Volcano Clay Mask)

This product is a hot selling in Korea cuz it dries fast you don't need to wait for 20 minutes or longer like the previously released clay mask. Clay Mask is basically for pore care, if you want small pores or want to tighten you pores after so many foundations and makeups made the higher possibilities for clogged pores. Clogged pore is not good cuz it causes pimples and blackheads. It also absorbs the sebum (oil) in your pores to prevent any acnes. So most of beautician ever said that it's very recommended to put this mask first before you apply mosturizer or makeup afterwards. Your makeup will blend well on your face.

4. Toner & Mosturizer (Neutrogena)

I choose Neutrogena after so many try-and-errros of toner and mosturizers from drug store, Neutrogena gives best for my skin. It really doesn't irritate and dry out my skin. The extra tips to choose toner, I prefer free-alcohol toner cause alcohol would make your skin extremely dry and your skin will lose vitamins. Afterwards, I apply mosturizer to keep my skin hydrated. I keep switiching mosturizers between netrogena and aloe vera gel from nature republic depends on my mood and condition of my skin at the moment. If I have sunburn I use aloe vera frequently as it's good to treat sunburn.

5. Face Mask at most, every day before sleep

Face Mask is good to give vitamins to your skins after your skin became dull of too much makeup for the whole tiring working day. So after cleansing my face, I apply face mask before I sleep. Don't wash your skin directly after you put off the mask, just sleep with that and only wash your skin in the morning after you wake up.

6. Sunblock

Last but not least, don't take sunblock for granted. It's important to protect your skin from direct uv rays that would risk you to have skin cancer. so apply it before you apply foundation or makeup, but after mosturizer.

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