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Friday, June 30, 2017

A Grown-up Post

Hi, guys. It's been awhile. I was going through the process of growing up lately, how to live this life like an adult. Like how my age asks me to do as it is.

Oh yeah, I just finished my internship at the challenging audit firm I was mentioned before. There is good and bad feeling during this post-internship stage. The good one is I am a stress-free now, but I have to think about the next plan of my life, need to find a permanent job or further studies in professional certificate. That's the bad one. 

Lately, I liked to mix around with people who are older than me, that have experienced more things. I just like to have a cup of tea with them, to talk about life. Their advices and tips are like a chill pill to me. When I'm so confused and worried about what will my future hold, talking with them will give me some clues on what to do with myself, with my life.

During this stage, when you have to pay the bills and petrol by your own, in the era where everyone is so greedy chasing the modernity, you have to buy every expensive thing to show them that you live a good life. Sometimes I feel so sick to be in this generation, but that's reality. And reality is sick. No matter how sick it is, you have to live in it anyway, no choice. 

My cup-of-tea buddies ever said, it depends on how you treat your life, how you set your purpose of chasing things. If it's only for yourself, it will be reality sick. But if you learn how to appreciate things that you have first, and you earn money to benefit them for people that you love, then it will worth it. 
Living in this impatient generation where you can get things in a blink of an eye, technologies trained us to be so greedy to achieve things. We never learn to be patient, and let the future matches us on the hard works we have done. We can't get what people at the same age around us have already got. We all have different time zones. 

Maybe some of your friends already have a job and can give their parents money, certain of them already got married to someone who loves them unconditionally. But you still have to pace your own pathways in reaching that level. I think it is not right to rush things that are not yet yours. God may reach you to that level a bit late, but in a better choice and condition. You never know.

After all, we just need to set clear goals and objectives, achieve them confidently. When things do not fall into place, give the rest to God to decide for us. We have done our best, and eventually only He knows everything, more than us. 

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